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Beeswax transformation

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For over 50 years at La Miellerie du Jura we have been transforming our own beeswax and that of our colleagues in the beekeeping world into wax foundation.


Our policy

We have always operated under a strict process in that each batch of beeswax is kept separate from one another meaning that the raw wax you bring in is the wax you leave with once transformed. No mixing, no additives and transformed under careful watch to ensure no overheating or loss of quality.


We are fully certified by ECOCERT and therefore authorised to work any batches of organic wax.


At La Miellerie we offer any and all wax services namely the transformation from raw capping's through to printed beeswax foundation for a very competitive price per kg.


Our fares vary dependent on the size of batch with a minimum being 100 kg, consult us here to see what we can do for you.


Running short of foundation for next season? no problem, on site you will find high quality beeswax of any standard size for sale.


As one of the oldest and more reliable beeswax transformation operations in France, we can guarantee your satisfaction with our services. Don't hesitate to contact us today for a quote or for any query's you might have.